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Smelly Gloves? Try Sportzyme by Norwex!

Submitted by on April 6, 2009 – 9:02 am2 Comments

Attention all active Mixed Martial Artists! If you’re having an issue with cleaning your equipment, MMAMIXER.COM has the solution for you. Introducing Sportzyme by Norwex. This wonderful little bottle will save you headaches dealing with bacterial issues resulting from heavy training and sweating. According to Frank Trigg on MMA Junkie Radio (Weds 4/1/09), the product works wonders when it comes to stinky and smelly training equipment. So if you’re in the need (as every Mixed Martial Artist should be), try Sportzyme by Norwex today.

Sportzyme by Norwex

To order Sportzyme by Norwex, contact Allison Tock Independent Consultant for Sportszyme. Tell her you heard of Sportzyme from MMAMIXER.COM for extra tlc.


 The Norwex Sportzyme was designed to eliminate organic odour from shoes, hockey bags, equipment bags, shoulder pads, knee pads, skates, cleats, helmets, etc

• The bioactive formula eliminates organic residues that cause odours. Contains no chemicals.

• Highly effective and easy to use:
Spray the Norwex Sportzyme over the entire surface where the odour is present.
Spray heavily for the first application and then whenever it is needed.

-  Works within 4-5 minutes after application. Once sprayed, the bacteria lifespan is about 48 hours, if a food source is still available. 

-  Bacteria are dormant in the bottle, once sprayed and have a food source then they become active and start to work.

-  Chemical-free, dye-free; does not work well on areas treated with bleach or disinfectant (these kill the bacterial spores) – if surface has been treated with either please let the surface dry completely before using Sportzyme.

-  Bacteria food source are things like sweat, athletes foot, molds, fungal organisms in sports equipment; once sprayed the bacteria release enzymes that break down particle into smaller pieces that the bacteria then eat, digest and convert to water and carbon dioxide (CO2).

- How does it differ from the odour eliminator or mattress cleaner? Sportzyme has about 12 times more bacterial spores than the Odour Eliminator and 7-10 times more bacterial spores than the Lotus Mattress Cleaner.  In addition, different micro-organisms are found in different situations so different enzymes were used for each product that relate to the different situations you would use them in. There are 57 different strengths of enzyme used for the different products.  For example, Odour Eliminator may be used in a carpet cleaner to remove the smell of cigarette smoke but you require a more concentrated bacterium to eliminate sweat from a hockey helmet or athletes foot from a sneaker.


Non-toxic, chemical-free, dye-free, biodegradable, water soluble, safe for any skin type, highly effective bioactive formula that eliminates organic residue that causes odor!!

It contains dormant non-pathogenic bacterial spores within the bottle. Once sprayed on a surface, the bacteria feed off food sources such as sweat, athletes’ foot, moulds, fungal organisms, blood, urine and other microorganism entities that live in sport or work equipment, clothes and gear. The bacteria release enzymes that breakdown the entities into smaller particles that the bacteria eat and digest, then convert to water and carbon dioxide (CO2).

Where to use: on any sport or work equipment, clothes and gear: i.e. hockey, skates, runners, curling shoes, soccer, rugby, baseball, football, golf shoes, dress shoes, high heels, work boots, cowboy boots, snow boots, etc…

How to use: spray it over the entire surface wherever odor is present. Let air-dry. (Apply heavily for the first application, then whenever necessary). It works within 4-5 minutes after application. Once it is sprayed, the bacteria lifespan is about 48hrs, if a food source is still available. The bacteria die and organic odors are converted to water and carbon dioxide. Reapply after 48hrs or as necessary.

Does not work well on areas treated with bleach or disinfectant (these kill the bacterial spores), if the surface has been treated with either of these, please let surface dry completely before.

Order today!
-Allison Tock
Independent Norwex Consultant

Sportzyme website coming soon and when it does, you can be sure MMAMIXER.COM will let you know.


  • T1Ryan says:

    I know alot of people who need this. Including me!

  • Allison says:

    I can ship product any were in north america!! email me your order and I will have it to you with in 10 days!!! I look forward to hearing from you T1Ryan!!

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